COACH London | We are an exclusive health, wellness and performance club based in the heart of St James’s London.

COVID-19 : update

Please be reassured – keeping our members and the Coach team healthy and safe is paramount. We are closely following Covid-19 Government guidelines and we have all the necessary measures in place.

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We are sorry the login, timetable and booking system is not yet active. This is coming soon.

Please come back in the coming weeks to find a timetable showing all the classes and sessions available for you to explore and enjoy here at Coach London.

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We are an exclusive health, wellness and performance club based in the heart of St. James’s, London. We offer integrated programmes that put you at the centre and that will deliver a positive impact on the way you look, the way you feel and the way you live your life.

We all look, move and think differently based on our genes, experiences and surroundings.

At Coach we create personalised health programmes based on each individual’s circumstances that balance effective exercise regimes and strategies to promote mental well-being and informed lifestyle choices.

Our specialist team offers inspiring guidance and support to help you improve your body, strengthen your mind and change your lifestyle to create a better, fitter, more focused you.

Not only do we have industry-leading coaches, but we provide renowned medical experts to work with you to make the changes that matter.

Our core principles

We assess the structure and alignment of your body in motion and its response to specific physical tasks.

We evaluate your perceptions, motivations, decision-making and personality traits.

We review your nutrition, sleep patterns, commitments and responsibilities.

The sweet spot
Where body, mindset and lifestyle are all aligned.

Your journey begins here

You are a unique individual with needs, motivations and abilities that are different to everyone else’s. At Coach we celebrate and embrace these differences. Through meticulous planning, tracking, measurement and guidance, our expert team will develop a holistic programme that encompasses both your body, mind and lifestyle; one which will help you to achieve your goals, raise your aspirations and exceed your expectations.


“Everyone needs a Coach”

Bill Gates

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