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Warming Up For A Half Marathon

February 2022

What you do before your run is as key to your success as the run itself. You may be a “non warm up” kind of runner but statistics show that effective implementation of warm-up strategies can reduce injury.

With this in mind Gareth Cole, COACH London’s Head of Performance, has devised a quick 5-10 min pre run warm up to help reduce potential injury and keep you on track.


1: Ankle Rocking: Mobilise ankle joint and prepare plantar-flexors (Calves) to run

Heels to tip toes x 20

2: Hip Swings: Mobilise the hip and knee joint to prepare for push off and landing

2A Front to Back: This prepares the hip to flex and extend. Also dynamically stretches the hamstrings and hip flexors..
Try 10 each side.

2B: Side to side: This dynamically stretches and prepares the abductors and adductors which aid in single leg stability.

Try 10 each side

3: Spot Hops – Prepares the lower limb muscles and tendons to produce and absorb running specific ground reaction forces.

Try 10 each side

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