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Supplementing Success

August 2023

How To Elevate Your Performance


In the pursuit of peak performance, athletes, professionals, and enthusiasts alike often seek ways to enhance their abilities and achieve their goals. While dedication to training and nutrition is key, integrating the right supplements can provide that much-needed edge. In this article, we delve into the world of performance-boosting supplements, sharing the top five supplements that can help elevate your performance. From increased endurance and strength to enhanced recovery and energy levels, these supplements offer a holistic approach to unlocking your true potential.


Here is our list of the top five supplements to improve athletic performance:


1. Caffeine: Increased Endurance Levels

Whether taking it in a supplemental form or through drinking coffee, caffeine is one of the two most researched supplements for improving athletic performance. Caffeine dosage is a very individual thing as some people are able to process it quicker and tolerate it a lot more compared to others. We recommend having a strong, black coffee or a caffeine supplement of your choice around 30 minutes prior to exercise. This can especially help with the performance of endurance-based activities such as running or cycling.


2. Creatine: Increased Strength & Power Levels

Creatine is the second most researched supplement alongside caffeine. Creatine helps the creatine phosphate energy system replenish effectively which can help improve power and strength levels when training. Commonly used across many strength athletes, creatine is proven to be very effective, and it is also extremely cheap! We recommend taking Creatine Monohydrate on training days, post workout.


3. Essential Amino Acids: Increased Recovery & Muscle Mass

This is the one supplement our Coaches recommend the most, it boosts recovery between training sessions and promotes increased levels of muscle mass and fat loss. Essential amino acids are the most bio-available form of protein meaning that your body absorbs a higher percentage of protein compared to other sources. We recommend taking them 30 minutes prior to strenuous activities. They can be especially beneficial for those who train early in the morning, on an empty stomach.


4. Beta-Alanine: Increased Lactic Buffering

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is used to help make the molecule carnosine. Carnosine is then stored within the skeletal muscle which can help reduce lactic acid levels when performing intense training such as HIIT. The body’s ability to buffer lactic acid like this plays a huge role in athletic performance.


5. Electrolytes: Increased Energy Levels

Electrolytes are like body batteries. They help nerves and muscles work, keep you hydrated, balance your blood, and fix damaged tissues. The more a person sweats, the greater the need for electrolytes. Water alone will not fully hydrate you so adding an electrolyte tablet to your water on training days will have a profound effect on reducing injuries and cramping.



If you would like some more advice on what supplements would best complement your lifestyle and training programme please email or call +44 20 7315 4260.


Written by Mark Roper, Head of Training at COACH London

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