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Specialist Coaching

“Everyone needs a Coach”

Bill Gates

Why have a specialist coach?

By choosing to work with one of our specialist coaches, you are optimising your opportunity to improve and strengthen your body, your mindset and ultimately your lifestyle in the most effective way possible… in the hands of an expert. Your dedicated coach will ensure you remain positive and motivated to achieve results, with a bespoke plan based on your fitness, your well-being and your future goals.

Crucially, your coach will ensure you are pushing yourself beyond your limits safely – building your strength, managing your weight and pushing your performance under expert guidance – no matter what you want to achieve.

You bring the energy and determination and your coach will maintain it and drive you to reach your full potential physically and mentally.

Our coaches are handpicked for their industry experience, their passion and their attitude.


What to look for when selecting a specialist coach?

All of our coaches are at the top of their game. They love nothing more than seeing outstanding results and will motivate and inspire you to attain your goals. They will take a holistic approach to your fitness, your diet and nutrition, and your overall goals.

We offer two levels of specialist coach:
Coach and Principal Coach.

Highly qualified personal trainers with a minimum of 5 years of one-to-one training experience.

Principal Coach:
Industry-leading personal trainers, highly qualified with a minimum of 10 years of one-to-one training and expertise in physiology. Experienced in training at every level, from those starting their fitness and well-being journey through to elite athletes.

All our coaches undertake an ongoing programme of internal and external education and training to ensure that they are always up to speed with the latest strategies and techniques to optimise the health, performance and well-being of Coach members.

Your coach will be working very closely with you, getting to know what drives you, what works for you physically and mentally, and where you are aiming for, so we’ll partner you with someone who will bring out the best in you on the good days and the not so good ones too. You will be going through this amazing journey together.


How does it work?

Our Specialist Coaching programme has four distinct stages. First your coach will listen, so that we can learn and understand more about you to uncover your motivations and goals. Second, we analyse and design a tailored programme for you. Third, you will work on your bespoke plan with your Specialist Coach who will be perfectly placed to motivate you, revitalise you and push you safely beyond your limits. Finally, we will continually review your progress and response to the programme, making adjustments and stepping up the pace, when needed.

So let’s get started. Speak to one of the team for more information and we’ll help you to achieve extraordinary results.


What do our members say

“When I choose to do something, I seek an expert. Gareth has been my fitness expert for the last ten years. He trains me to be fit for life rather than for future joint replacement. He understands how to stress the body appropriately so that each session is a physical test but the next morning is not a painful challenge. He also has a conversational hinterland which exercises the brain and makes him as much a friend as a coach. I can not recommend him too highly” – Robert

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