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Podcast – Coach London and Runner’s World UK

December 2020


Coach London is a new health and performance club in the heart of St. James’s Square London which focuses on the alignment of body, mind and lifestyle to deliver overall physical and mental wellbeing. 

Runner’s World is the UK’s largest running magazine globally circulated every month for runners of all abilities and skillsets no matter the age.

Runner’s World host Ben Hobson talks to master trainer and knowledge sponge, Gareth Cole, who has been a coach for more than 30 years and is more recently the Head of Performance and Co-Founder of Coach London to discuss the benchmark of all movement, the gait cycle. It’s something referenced a lot in running, but what is it? Gareth breaks down why and how it’s used for assessing runners and how it can help you become a better runner. 

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Gareth Cole

Head of Performance and Co-Founder at Coach London

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