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Improve Your Squats

March 2021


The squat is a great lower body conditioning movement targeting the hips, knees, and ankles. That’s three joints so imagine the amount of muscle and energy you have to use to complete this little circuit.

This versatile exercise can be done anywhere, so please don’t think you need heavy weights for this, as it isn’t necessary.

Before We Start:

There are many variations of this exercise but to find the right way for you, try this simple test.

Stand with your feet pointing forward at hip width and drop down into a squat where your thighs are parallel with the floor – now ask yourself this question: 

Are my hips or ankles straining at this depth?

If the answer is yes then turn your toes out slightly and repeat until you find the most comfortable stance.

Squat Circuit:

This quick routine will challenge the way you move and adapt by changing your stability and centre of mass in each exercise.

Beginner: 5 reps | each exercise

Intermediate: 10 reps | each exercise

Advanced: 15 reps | each exercise

Exercise 1: In your new squat stance lower yourself down halfway with your arms out in front.  

Tip: This will help you balance. 

Exercise 2: In the same squat stance put your hands behind your back and try and reach the same depth as exercise 1.  

Tip: Lean forward to counterbalance.

Exercise 3: Place your hands on top of your head and and repeat the same comfortable depth as exercise 1 and 2.

Tip: Lean forward and keep your shoulder blades close together.

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