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Power Cycle

Our cycling coaches will hone your technique, set your personal goals and metrics, and monitor you throughout the class to optimise your performance.

Our Wattbikes allow riders to create personal workouts, tests and intervals. The resistance is suitable for all users and maintains Wattbike’s unrivalled accuracy and ‘Real Ride Feel’. With small studio classes and personalised metrics, we work closely with you to maximise your cycling potential. Good for those who want to improve their overall aerobic fitness and achieve a new personal best.



Coach offers a comprehensive range of yoga classes to address your personal needs and wellness goals. We have selected some of London’s leading instructors and practitioners to share their expertise and experience.

Hatha Yoga
One of the most traditional forms of yoga. Hatha is a balancing practice to unify mind, body and spirit. Using postures and conscious breathing, Hatha will develop strength and flexibility.

Yin Yoga
A slow and meditative practice, proven to reduce anxiety and centre the mind.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa synchronises breathing and movement. The classes are dynamic, physically and spiritually energizing, focusing the mind, building strength and improving mobility, leaving you inspired and refreshed.

Power Yoga
This dynamic class develops strength through an ever-changing series of postures. With a focus on hands-on adjustments, variations and an emphasis on alignment and breathing.



High-intensity interval training (HIIT) combines short bursts of intense effort/exercise with brief recovery periods to deliver maximum effect.

Done correctly HIIT is one of the most effective modalities of training for improving body fat levels and increasing energy and fitness.

Our classes follow true HIIT training methodologies by training the anaerobic energy system rather than the aerobic system. When training our anaerobic system we are predominately using stored glycogen (carbohydrates) in our muscle and liver tissue. When training the aerobic system we are using fat and oxygen as the sources of fuel.

Through our classes, you will learn to tap into both of these energy stores. This is what’s called ‘Metabolic Flexibility’ and it’s the key to getting into your best shape!


Mat Pilates

Pilates takes a proactive approach to injury prevention with the focus on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. Coach gives you access to specialist teachers with many years’ experience of getting impressive results for their clients.