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An Osteopaths Guide to Relieving Back Pain

March 2023

Back pain and poor posture are common problems that can significantly affect your quality of life. Here are 5 tips from Posture Dynamics Daren Fletcher, to help you beat back pain and improve your posture:


1. Core Essential: The muscles in your core provide stabilisation to your body and help to support your spine and maintain good posture. They help you to move efficiently and they also protect you against injury. They also help to accomplish a healthy functioning digestive system, and last but not least you need a good core foundation to help you build muscles in other parts of your body. In short, a great core will help you maintain good posture and protect against back pain and other injuries.

2. Stretch Regularly: Stretching regularly helps to maintain good muscle flexibility. Without flexibility movements get really hard, muscles get tense and injury to muscles and other structures is more likely. Regular stretching and good flexibility will help you to maintain and hold better postures which will help with reducing back pain. Try to have a routine to stretch areas of your neck, shoulders, chest, and back daily.

3. Think Ergonomic Furniture: Whatever your job and daily work routine it is likely to involve sitting at a desk. If you use a desk and computer for prolonged periods it is worthwhile ensuring the furniture and equipment you are using are ergonomically working for you. The position you sit in will determine the posture you hold. An appropriate and well-adjusted chair, height-adjustable desk, and correctly positioned monitor will help you to maintain less strain on your back and posture daily.

4. Take Frequent Breaks: If you have a job that requires sitting for long periods of time, take regular breaks to stand up and move around. I recommended at least twice an hour to adjust and change your position. The more often you move the less time you will need to break from the position you have been in. Taking regular small breaks will help to reduce the stress and strain on your back and posture, you will be able to concentrate more on your work and be more productive, and you’ll improve your circulation, amongst other health benefits.

5. Don’t Ignore Back Pain: Pain is a signal from the body to let you know that something is wrong. Ignoring back pain, even minor, can lead to further stresses and strains and more pain and complications. Get to know and understand why you have pain and take time to address the issues to help you settle and manage any further problems.


Remember that it takes time and consistency to improve your posture and reduce back pain. Developing good habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to preventing back pain and improving your posture. If you have chronic back pain or poor posture, consider seeking the advice of an Osteopath to determine the best treatment plan and changes you can specifically make to achieve the desired results you are seeking.

If you are suffering from back pain or would like some advice on improving your posture, Daren is offering COACH London members a free 15 min discovery appointment. To book your appointment please call 0207 828 6888 or email for more information.

Written by Daren Fletcher, Osteopath – COACH Medical powered by Posture Dynamics

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