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Aches, Pains & Progress

August 2023

How Sports Massage Supports Your Wellbeing


Sports massage effectively alleviates stress and tension in the body’s soft tissues during physical activities. Beyond muscles, there are other structures like fascia, ligaments, and tendons that can contribute to underlying injuries or pain. By breaking down minor injuries caused by overexertion, sports massage restores balance to the musculoskeletal system. Poor posture, prolonged desk work, and modern technology use can also cause pain and fatigue.


Sports massage aids in preparation, recovery, injury prevention, and performance enhancement for athletes and casual exercisers alike. A variety of techniques, including classic massage strokes, deep tissue methods, soft tissue release, PNF assisted stretches, and functional mobilization, are tailored to your needs, aiding a swift recovery.


For instance, functional mobilization is applied when addressing muscular imbalances caused by specific activities.


Consider an individual in their late 40s with a desk job who has recently taken up golf. The increased hours spent practicing the golf swing, which involves repetitive hip rotation and predominantly one-sided movements, can lead to muscular imbalances. This can impact their daily routine and overall performance. While standard passive massage techniques have benefits, they may not be as precise as the application of functional mobilization techniques. These specialized techniques mimic the actions of muscles involved in the golf swing. Soft tissue release and functional mobilization are applied with muscles in an active state, specifically targeting muscle groups in a manner that replicates the actions and conditions present during injury or irritation. This approach initiates a physiological response that significantly enhances the healing process.


Benefits of Sports Massage:


  • Increased blood flow speeds recovery and removes waste products.
  • Enhanced range of motion, flexibility, and performance.
  • Detect and treat deep tissue imbalances to prevent injury.
  • Learn to monitor conditions and adjust training accordingly.
  • Pre-event application stimulates circulation and calms tension.



Introducing Dulani Stephenson, COACH Medical’s new resident Sports Massage Therapist


Dulani Stephenson became a certified Sports and Remedial Massage therapist in 2001, inspired by a personal injury sustained during a football match. This experience ignited his passion for Sports Massage and led him to explore rehabilitation techniques for his own injury. Dulani’s journey into the field also deepened his understanding of human anatomy and physiology. He’s highly skilled in various complementary therapies, including Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, reflexology, and sports therapy.


Dulani’s expertise extends to onsite chair massage, a discipline he has mastered over the years. This form of massage offers the advantage of being conducted at the office or event location, requiring no clothing removal. He focuses on trigger points and employs diverse techniques to ensure clients feel rejuvenated after treatment.


Dulani’s dedication to enhancing functional mobility, relieving stress, and optimizing overall bodily function sets him apart. His commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs enables him to provide highly personalized and effective care. Throughout his career, Dulani has worked with a diverse clientele, including professional dancers, athletes, and those seeking pain or stress relief. His holistic approach goes beyond symptom management, aiming for a complete return to normal activities.


A remarkable highlight in Dulani’s career was his involvement in the London 2012 Olympic Games, showcasing his expertise on a global stage. He has also shared his knowledge as a massage lecturer, educating students about massage techniques and anatomy.


Dulani Stephenson’s dedication to enhancing clients’ awareness of their bodies and conditions shines through in his treatments. His multifaceted approach ensures each treatment is customized for optimal effectiveness and tailored to individual needs.


To book an appointment with Dulani email or call +44 7508952924.

Written by Dulani Stephenson, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist – Elite Hands On Health Direct at COACH London

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